Sweet & Spicy Tofu

Sweet Spicy TofuHey ladies! How are you doing? We are in the middle of May already. Time goes so fast. Are you ready for summer?
Few days ago, I talked with one of my besties who is living in Southern California and running her business limocostamesa.com .  She is a really funny person and makes me happy to be around her, plus she loves traveling and eating like I do : )

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Vegetarian Burritos

Vegetarian Burrito2During the busy weekdays, my brain is always thinking and doing so, what I cook it needs to be simple& easy& healthy.
Lately I had been craving Burritos so bad, but you know making Burritos takes time to cook and it’s not really healthy. Continue reading Vegetarian Burritos

Why you should make a shopping list

Woman holding shopping basketHey ladies : ) This is Anna. Have you ever experienced and figured out you missed some items when you get home, or bought items that you have at home? I’m sure so many of you had those experiences before (I did…)

So how can we avoid making shopping mistakes and start to shop smart?

Point blank “Make a shop list.”

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5 Reasons why I love shopping at Local Farmers Market

Hi ladies, Where do you usually buy vegetables and fruits? —Local stores, whole5 reason why I love shopping at Farmers Market foods markets or farmers markets…..etc. Today, I would like to share with you ‘Why I Love To Shop At The Local Farmers Markets.’

1. Much healthier and you will get more nutrients: Over time, vegetables and fruits lose nutrients. So imagine, how much nutrients are still remaining when your fruits & veggies arrive at stores… But at the Farmers Market, vegetables & fruits are grown locally. Farmers harvest when veggies & fruits have high nutrient value, then they bring the produce to local Farmers Markets. Continue reading 5 Reasons why I love shopping at Local Farmers Market

Portobello Penne Pasta

portobello penne pastaHey ladies, this is Anna. Hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather as well….
You know, sometimes we feel like just relaxing, and not cooking after church service or prior engagement. But trust me, this Portobello Penne Pasta is super Easy & Simple. Continue reading Portobello Penne Pasta