Hi, everyone. My name is Anna. Thank you for visiting my website, Fisher Family Chiropractic. Hope you enjoy my blog posts, recipes, and my eating healthy journey.

About pageI’m not vegetarian or vegan, but most of my recipes here are ‘More vegetable and Less meat.’ PLUS, all of the recipes are proved by my husband. So not only they are healthy, but it is delicious too : )

Little about Anna:

I was born in Japan where food servings are smaller portions. When I was a About page2child, my parents were very strict for my diet like, no fast food or candies… Since I did ballet. Even when I was growing up, what helped me to stay fit was Japanese trends like “You have to be skinny.”


At the age of 23, I came to California for continuing my education where food portions are EXTREMELY BIG and deserts About page3are OVERLY SWEETENED. Needless to say, I gain 20 lb. This is not healthy at all. First, I started to cut off sweets, and unhealthy food. Also I made a list to ‘What not to eat.’ But it didn’t work for me at all, it just made me stressed. So I gradually started to making healthy food ‘More vegetable, Less meat!’ Slowly, but surely I changed my diet to take a more healthy rote.



Hope you enjoy my blog posts and inspire to eat healthy and be fit also : )

Any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to reach me out, HERE.


またね~!(See ya!)