Reviews: Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Hey, Everyone! How is going? It has been very beautiful in California lately. Do you have any plans for this month?

By the way, I and my husband decided do have a professional carpet cleaning for our house, since we are having great weather. So we called around looking for a local carpet cleaning company around us, and we finally found the one after 2 hours of calling! The company we choose was very knowledgeable, polite, and very friendly. We have a great experience with him. ( If you are living in Southern California, check him out: )

Let us share with you why we recommend you this local carpet cleaning company:

Reason #1—He kept on time: He came to our place 10 minutes before our appointment time. That’s VERY GOOD. To be honest not so many local businesses keep on time for appointments. They always show up LATE : (

Reason #2—He has pride in his business: I and my husband felt how he had pride in his business and also how he cares about customer satisfaction with his services. He took a time to check our carpet conditions, stains…etc. Plus, he answered very kindly our questions and concerns. Surprisingly, he called us a few days later to see how everything was going with the carpet!

Reason #3—Price: Getting professional carpet cleaning is not cheap. But I can tell you this, what we paid this time for our carpets was most definitely WORTH EVERY BIT. Because his services and skills were top-notch and needless to say, our carpets look brand NEW!


Do we come back to him for an another carpet cleaning in the near future?

—-Most Definitely!


We actually made a new appointment with him for our upholstery & Mattress cleaning in the next 2 weeks! If you are living in Southern California ( Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire area), you should check him out for your next carpet cleaning.



FYI: He also provides his services for commercial buildings too 


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