How to avoid having pantry pests from your kitchen?


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I have been asked ‘what’s the best way to avoid having pantry pests in your kitchen?’ and I remember I had a hard time with pantry pests issues while ago. This tips are from pest control company I use. (if you have any issue or termite control, check out this pest control company)

Tip1: Use storage

Pantry pests love to eat dried food like grains, flour, pasta, cornmeal, cereal….etc. So it is important that you put pantries in proper containers with secure lid. Make sure that you have tight- fitting lid. Plus, keep your pantry goods in jars making area look neat in your kitchen.


Tip2: Keep Clean

Do NOT leave spills on a surface for a long time. Clean immediately. It will cause you to have more pest in your kitchen. Plus clean empty shelves once a while with soap. Bugs might be hidden inside the pantry.


Tip3: Check the expiration date before use, especially baking goods

If the date is pass it’s time, DON’T USE IT, Some people don’t mind to use after the expiration date, but please throw these things away!


Tip4: At Groceries

It has been said that most of pantry pests are brought from grocery stores. Next time, when you go on a grocery trip, check items carefully before you put into a cart, if there is slightly damage or an item opened (If so, tell a clerk).



There is so many ways to prevent having pantry pests in your kitchen. If you have any questions about pantry pest, you can reach out to me ( leave the comment below)  or you can call a local pest control service company anytime.





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