Why you should make a shopping list

Woman holding shopping basketHey ladies : ) This is Anna. Have you ever experienced and figured out you missed some items when you get home, or bought items that you have at home? I’m sure so many of you had those experiences before (I did…)

So how can we avoid making shopping mistakes and start to shop smart?

Point blank “Make a shop list.”

Here goes my Top 4 Reasons why it’ important to make a shop list and you should also make yours : )

  1. Health Reasons (Stay Eating Healthy): Making a shop list, you can review is
    those items are healthy or not, before you purchase. So you don’t need to buy unnecessary foods for your family. It helps a lot to keep you and your family eating healthy.
  2. Catching Sales: Making a list based on what items will be on sale this week will help you to save money. Also you can have some ideas on what can you make that can be a healthy meal. Compare to you just buying sale items not knowing why you should make a shopping list2what to expect.
  3. Reduce Waste: Do we have enough mile for tomorrow morning? Those answer s
    are on your list! NO more wasting food. Food is valuable resource that a lot of people can not have : (
  4. Save Your Time: Make a “buying list” will most definitely help to save your time. Because, you already know what to get. GO IN & GET OUT !! It’s very annoying to go back and forth to shop several times in a week, so make a list, go get ALL the items you need the 1st time around : )


Hope this blog post, Why you should make a shopping list, will help your grocery shopping organized a lot more.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know. You can  reach out to me: fisherfamilychiropractic@gmail.com or leave comments below.


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