5 Reasons why I love shopping at Local Farmers Market

Hi ladies, Where do you usually buy vegetables and fruits? —Local stores, whole5 reason why I love shopping at Farmers Market foods markets or farmers markets…..etc. Today, I would like to share with you ‘Why I Love To Shop At The Local Farmers Markets.’

1. Much healthier and you will get more nutrients: Over time, vegetables and fruits lose nutrients. So imagine, how much nutrients are still remaining when your fruits & veggies arrive at stores… But at the Farmers Market, vegetables & fruits are grown locally. Farmers harvest when veggies & fruits have high nutrient value, then they bring the produce to local Farmers Markets.

2. Affordable organic fruits & veggies: This is one of the main reason, why I 5 reason why I love shopping at Farmers Market2love to visit Farmers Markets. Usually Organic produce is quiet expensive. But
Farmers Markets solve this problem. The Farmers Market I always go to , their organic bananas are .69/2 lb, organic kiwi is 7 for $1, organic asparagus/ brussel sprouts are for .99 etc…. Who can beat this place? This is why I love it!

3. Better taste: No doubt here, locally grown veggies & fruits simply taste better. Fruits are much sweeter & juicy and vegetables are very tasty. Once you experience this, you don’t want to go back to buy veggies & fruits from local stores!

4. Seasonal/special produce veggies & fruits: At the local stores, their veggies & fruits are almost the same through the year, but at Farmers Markets, they always have seasonal products. Seasonal products/ special produce are fresh, tasty, and high nutrients/vitamins. They sometimes have very unique things which you will not see at local stores (Jack fruit, Durian, Star fruit, Dragon fruit…..etc.) Remember, our body doesn’t need to eat imported strawberries over the winter in California. GO SEASONALLY : )

5. FUN: I can’t explain enough. This is something that you have to experience. 5 reason why I love shopping at Farmers Market3.jpgTypically Farmers Markets are held once a week, so research what Farmers Market are close to you, and make a plan to visit
a Farmers Market. Take your kids, some Farmers Markets have events for kids : )



Hope you enjoy this blog post and have an wonderful time at the Farmers Market. Let me know your experience at the Farmers Market and what did you purchase : )


Have a Blessed weekend, ladies : )



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